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“Kid Gloves” was written and directed by Jennifer Cifuentes as part of Collective and Miguel Ortega’s 60-Second Horror Film challenge.

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Spinner’s Alley combined creative forces with a talented cast and crew to compete as Team Tangerine Speedo in Film Racing’s 2019 24 Hour Film Race. “Mistakes Unmade” is the result. Cast member Elizabeth Hemmingsen won Best Actress, while the film’s Kendall Hanzlik won Best Young Actress.

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“Queen of Quiet Lies” was written, directed, and produced for Spinner’s Alley by Juliana Cifuentes. The short film premiered at the 2019 Georgia Latino Film Festival.Be on the lookout for this impactful film at more festivals in 2020.

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Team Tangerine Speedo was formed for the first time to create “Absentee” for Film Racing’s 2017 24 Hour Film Race. Lead actor, Ari Cifuentes, was awarded Best Young Actor for this role as Aiden.

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Spinner’s Alley collaborated with a cast and crew of amazing professionals to compete as Team Tangerine Speedo for Film Racing’s 2018 24 Hour Film Race. “Here Be Dragons” is the result of our team’s efforts.

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Written as a series pilot, which could also stand alone as a short format film, “Growing Up Fast: ATL” was one of Spinner’s Alley’s first production projects.

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